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ZVA Slimline 2

Automatic nozzle DN 19

max. flowrate 80 l/min. For all standard fuels - also with ethanol content- and biodiesel. For petrol stations or aircraft refuelling.

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ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Automatic nozzle for active vapour recovery

max. flowrate 45 l/min. For all standard gasoline fuels - also with ethanol content.

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ZVA AdBlue for Urea Solution

Automatic nozzles for AdBlue®/DEF/AUS 32/ ARLA 32.

ZVA ADBlue HV: for Heavy Vehicles, to ISO 22241-1, max 40 l/min.
ZVA AdBlue LV: for Light Vehicles, to ISO 22241-5, max 5 (10) l/min.

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ZVA Slimline for Special Media

Automatic nozzles DN 19

max. flowrate 60 l/min. For chemicals, solvents, corrosive fluids, und foodstuff. Made of gunmetal, bronze, stainless steel or aluminium types with special seals.

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ZVA 25

HIFLO automatic nozzle DN 25

flowrate up to 140 l/min. For gasoline and diesel, fuel, petroleum, chemicals, Avgas and Jet-A1. For truck and aviation refuelling.

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ZVA 32

HIFLO automatic nozzle DN 32

flowrates up to 200 l/min. For gasoline and diesel, fuel oil, Petroleum, Avgas and Jet-A1. For truck and aviation refuelling.

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ZV 19 / ZV 25

Manual nozzles

ZV 19 (DN 19), max. flowrate 100 l/min. ZV 25 (DN 25), max. flowrate 140 l/min. Versions for fuels, oils, chemicals and solvents.

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ZVF 25 / ZVF 40 / ZVF 50

Manual nozzles for aircraft refulling

ZVF 25, up to 140 l/min. ZVF 40 or ZVF 50, up to 400 l/min. For Avgas und Jet-A1.

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ZV 400 / ZV 500 / ZH 50

High flow bulk refuelling nozzles

ZV 400, up to 400 l/min. ZV 500, up to 650 l/min. ZH 50, up to 450 l/min. Fixed spout or quick coupling. For fuels, oils and chemicals.

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ZVG 2 / GasGuard

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) nozzles

ZVG 2 ACME/DISH/EURO and GasGuard ACME/BAYO for vehicle and tank refuelling with liquefied petroleum gas.

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